It is imperative that the novice trader isn't just thrown in at the deep end with no support. Our courses ensure that you make a steady journey into the world of Forex trading in small manageable chunks.


We are happy to show live trading examples on the course. Win or lose this gives you a much more realistic idea of how the process works and how it feels to win or lose a small trade. Like anything.. Once it has been done once it can be replicated. Many companies will only show you past trades or paper trades that fit their strategies.

The courses consist of 12 modules which cover all the aspects necessary when beginning to trade. This can be delivered in a classroom setting with 3-4 students or on an individual basis.

According to research, nearly 95% of traders fail in their first 3 months. We strive to keep people moving forward and making a positive gain on their accounts. Correct risk and Money Mangement is the key.



Having an understanding of your own personal strengths and weaknesses will give you a much firmer grounding in which particular style of trading suits your mindset, goals and time commitments best.

This is something we will assess and we can guide you with your own custom trading plan.


Modules include:


  • What is the forex market.
  • How trading works.
  • Trader Psychology.
  • Money Management.
  • Risk and Reward.
  • Technical analysis.
  • Fundamental and geopolitical factors.
  • Entry and exit strategies.


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20 years combined experience of day to day forex training and 10 years plus of classroom teaching. There are too many companies out there who dont deliver on their promises.

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